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Jeevan Lakshya was founded with an aim of contributing a small drop to the mighty ocean of children's educational needs which lies at the core of any society's engine of progress. The objective is not just to help children from economically weaker sections of society to access formal schooling but also open their minds to the beauty in this world and the opportunities it has to offer. Jeevan Lakshya recognizes the truth that a child's mind is a like a beautiful bud waiting to bloom but is just waiting for the right conditions to open up in its full glory.

The wide variety of programs listed below indicates Jeevan Lakshya’s commitment to this goal:

Present Projects

Our Projects are currently in the slums of Bangalore and Mysore regions of Karnataka, India. Our priority is giving poor children the right to education.
Our students are single parent, parentless, poor, school dropouts from the slums, who now with our assistance are continuing their schooling.

Under this project the selected children are given adequate financial aid for their basic education. This includes fees, uniforms, shoes, bags, stationery,picnics etc.This is to assist partially those students who cannot afford to pay full amount of their fees.  

2.Back to school
Many children are unable to attend school because they live in remote slum areas which have poor access to transportation facilities. So through this project we have arranged a van to help children commute to school.

3.Vidya Daan
Every June we organise this one day event to provide the basic schooling necessities(schoolbags, shoes, school uniforms and stationery) for deserving children, before the beginning of the academic year. The children are selected on basis of the socio-economic situation of the family.

Every August, to ignite students’ interest in science and scientific progress, we organize visits to the science museum, planetarium and Aero-space Museum. At the end of the day we conduct a quiz based on what they learnt during the visit and cash prizes are awarded to the top three performers.

5.Wildlife Park Visit
Every October children studying in their 7th Standard are taken to Bannerghatta National Park for a one day visit and this includes the wildlife safari. For most of the children, this is their first trip to a wildlife park and this helps them understand that we share this world with such an amazing variety of beautiful creatures. At the end of the day we conduct a quiz based on what they observed during the visit and cash prizes are awarded to the top three performers.

6.Christmas carols and skit competition
Every December, this competition is organized in Kannada, Tamil and English. We gave away cash prizes for both competitions.

Every February, to encourage our children’s talents and interest we conduct an annual dance, painting and singing competition called ‘KALA’ (Kala means art in Hindi) where children are given cash awards to encourage their talents.

It is a 8-10 day summer camp organized every April which covers the following activities: Greeting Etiquette, Cartooning, Theatre, Understanding civic responsibilities, Dancing, Art, crafts, first aid, oral, dental and general hygiene, outdoor adventure activities and ‘dreaming big’- where we motivate children to aspire high and achieve them!

9.Computer Education
Help Children build up computer skills through basic learning of programs, internet research, e-mail, and word processing.

10.English Classes
Under this initiative we conduct communicative English classes which also includes help on the school syllabus.

11.Dental check up camp
Under this initiative we provide free Dental check-up and treatment.

Other Miscellaneous Activities

  • Celebrating Independence Day – We visit slums and try to instill patriotism in the children by talking about India and singing the national anthem.
  • Old clothes and toys distribution
  • Raddi campaign – This is a fund raising activity where we collect old newspapers, magazines, notebooks etc and sell them to raise money.
  • Art and theatre exposure – We take children to watch a play and make them observe how it is staged.

Jeevan Lakshya is a non government, non profit, charitable, social organization run by a group of like-minded professionals from various segments of society.

Jeevan Lakshya Trust is formed with an objective to provide effective assistance to Rural/Urban underpriviledged children, enabling them to maximize their potential and change their lives.

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Our commitment is to provide support to children between the age 5 to 18 years with a good educational foundation, healthcare and academic guidance to plan for a better future.

We advocate for the support and education of these children and work towards the increase of the enrolment of these children in schools.

Jeevan Lakshya has evolved various ways to initiate and promote voluntary action in rural and urban slum areas. Our programs also include children’s healthcare awareness camps, general health checkup camps, sanitation promotion camps, environment protection camps and also camps to create the awareness about people's basic rights.

Any contribution for this cause will be very much appreciated.

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